Hello, I’m Erick.

I do front-end development for websites and manage their SEO.

Web Development

My knowledge of consists of utilizing HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, and PHP on some occasions. I have two years of practice turning mockup designs into functional websites.


My work with SEO primarily consists of keyword and content research, content management, and technical SEO configuration. Those aspects tie in well to my web developer skills.


Using the best UI/UX practices and market research to develop concrete A/B tests is crucial to optimizing a website. Regular tune-ups guarantees staying ahead of the competition.


Setting up analytics and tag management correctly means that the data collected will pave a reasonable path to future success. Reading and communicating the data to clients yields meaningful decisions.

A little about me

I am from San Diego and I enjoy living here. When I’m not working I’m usually playing video games, hanging out with friends, or watching one of the million shows I’ve been recommended.