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The Client

RakiRaki Ramen and Tsukemen is a popular San Diego chain of ramen eateries. The client’s previous website was outdated and limited in what it could offer users so it was time for a major redesign. One of the key factors in the design was to allow for scalability. The client wants to keep growing the number of RakiRaki and spinoff restaurant, The Yasai in California. Their previous website had a poor SEO setup as I discovered during an audit. There was a lot of work to be done to take this website to the next level.

The Challenge

Like their business plans, the website itself had to be scaled up from the original five page design. This included having pages for each locations, pages for each locations’ menus, and pages for each locations’ order online functionality. Social media and their existing newsletter had to be flawlessly implemented on the site. Three pages with contact forms: general contact, catering, and careers had to setup which they did not have before.

The Solution

A developer’s best friend when scaling up is modular and reusable code. Using mixins, which are a fantastic feature of SCSS, saved a lot of future headaches. They also provide easy maintenance for any other developers that might work on this site. The reusable code helped build a lot of the elements on the new website with ease, especially since there is a lot of uniformity across the layouts.

The Results

The new website provides users a better experience than before. It was also made responsive which allowed users to see quickly the menus or visit the order online pages in an effort to improve mobile conversions. The client already had a huge following on social media so it only made sense to ensure the website was comfortable on mobile and friendly to all.