This Website

Lines of Code

Consisting mostly of SCSS and JS


Since the start of this project

Portfolio Website

Highlighting the work I’ve done as a web developer and SEO analyst

The Client

I was my own client in this situation. The start of this process was all about discovering what the purpose of this website was going to be. I figured a portfolio of my past work would be a great idea for a website.

The Challenge

I wanted to follow of lot of the usual processes at the agency I work at. That means starting with the brand development, content management and curation, mockup design and revisions, and the actual web development. For most projects, this is usually split up and done by multiple people, but I wanted to try to all the aspects myself.

Finding a design for a website that I liked proved to be more difficult than I thought. My initial design is nowhere near the actual final design that this website currently reflects. It might be easy to think that just because you have a design in mind, it’s going to be the one. That’s why doing a mockup with revisions is crucial to finding what actually works nice.

The design and writing portions did take me considerably longer to get through than web development part. I was working in both familiar and unfamiliar disciplines for this project with the intention of learning more from the areas I was unfamiliar with.

The Solution

The main solution was to just give myself as much time as needed for this project. This is one rare case where deadlines were nonexistent and the work would come when it’s ready. That helped out with design and writing portions. The development phase for me was the most straightforward part about the entire process.

The Results

This resulted in a nice looking portfolio that I am content with. I made sure to follow as many best practices as I could so I can regularly maintain this site. Yes, the colors and slants are here to stay until I decide this site needs an entire new rebrand (again).