Installation and deployment of all the tags


Across the Stratacache family of companies


Details of the analytics and tag configurations for client’s benefit

The Client

Stratacache is a family of companies that offer marketing technology solutions. There are currently 10 companies in the family: PRN, SuperLumin, Optika, Sys-Teams, Carmanah Signs, Scala China, Scala, X2O Media, Real Digital Media, and Walkbase.

Stratacache and their companies all emphasize how they each work close together to create marketing experiences like no others.

The Challenge

I guess you can say it’s ironic that companies that tout analytics and data needed someone to setup their tag management system and connect to their goals over in analytics. The challenge for me was the volume of tags that had to be setup. Initially, the number was not known to me or the client, the only guidance was to tag the most relevant key performance events for each of the company’s websites.

Providing a write-up was also essential for their team to review what was completed and how in case they hired an in-house analytics manager or wanted to do a paid ads campaign. A write-up for a single website is usually time consuming, but for a family of companies it’s a different ballgame.

The Solution

I had to partially deviate from my normal flow of setting up analytics for this particular client. Normally, I setup the tags followed by connecting them to analytics and then doing the write-up after I had everything else completed.

For the volume of work in this example, I completed the analytics setup for one of the companies and then wrote that company’s portion of the write-up. I moved on to the next company, completed the analytics setup and wrote that company’s portion of the write-up. It was still a long process, but made the most sense to me.

The Results

The client received a write-up like no others with the amount of tags were setup across the family of companies. They were left with correctly setup tags firing and recording results in their analytics platform. That information could serve them many purposes for example if they wanted to plan a paid ads campaign, look at which pages are successful, and how effective their websites are overall.