Installation and deployment of all the tags


Tags were configured across the 9 language options and connected to their respective data filter in the analytics dashboard


Details of the analytics and tag configurations for the client’s benefit

The Client

The Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, ACAMS, according to their Wikipedia entry is the largest international membership organization for fighting financial crimes in the public and private sectors. As fun as what they do sounds, they just needed some help with their tag management and analytics tracking. The primary reason they wanted their analytics tracking setup was to get more insights on signups for their certifications and virtual events.

The Challenge

There was zero guidance on how many events needed to be tagged, so that makes it difficult to estimate a time to completion. I had to sort through each page, in each language, to make sure all the bases were covered. Thankfully, the site is laid out identically in all languages.

This website did present a first for me when it came to tagging events: a popup with a download. I was caught a bit offguard when the traditional triggers weren’t working so that’s where searching online comes in handy. I certainly was not the first person to run into this problem and fortunately found helpful articles on it.

The Solution

After setting up all the tags on the English side, I kept them open in one window while completing the rest. The reason being since the website was identical in all languages, the events would all be in the same locations under their respective languages. The amount of tags was also amounting to a lot of material for the write-up.

Like with other large volume tag assignments, I would complete a portion of tags and goal tracking configurations and then write about just that portion. I would then repeat that process until the end; it made the most sense to write-up the information that was still fresh in my mind.

The Results

The client received a thorough write-up along with a fully configured analytics dashboard. Each tag fired and correctly tracked in the correct view on the analytics dashboard for their respective languages.